Personal Injury

Personal injury disputes arise when an individual suffers significant harm due to the negligence of another. These cases can take many forms, but all involve the victim’s desire to obtain financial compensation while holding the responsible party accountable. If you believe that you have been the victim of negligence, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a personal injury attorney such as James R. Radmore.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

The details of personal injury cases tend to vary greatly, but nearly all involve some type of negligence. Transportation-based personal injury cases are common, with many innocent individuals harmed due to a car, truck or bus driver’s failure to follow the rules of the road. Medical malpractice takes place when health care professionals fail to abide by the standards of care typically followed in the medical community. Victims of defective/drug products may be eligible for personal injury compensation, as well as wrongful deaths.

Slip And Fall Cases

Although James R. Radmore is capable of providing excellent legal representation for a variety of personal injury cases, he is especially well-equipped to advise the victims of slip and fall accidents. Often, these victims do not realize that they could be eligible for financial compensation. What’s more, by holding negligent property owners accountable, victims can ensure that the conditions responsible for their current suffering are eliminated, thus ensuring the future safety of others.

Slip and fall cases can be complicated, as there must be sufficient proof that the party believed to be at fault was actually negligent, and thus, responsible for the fall. Factors that may increase a victim’s chances of courtroom success include excessive ice or snow, poor concrete maintenance, a lack of slip resistance and significant holes in the ground.

Working With A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury and liability regulations vary greatly from one region to the next, so it is very important for any victim based in Philadelphia to work with an attorney who is clearly familiar with the local legal landscape. James R. Radmore has successfully represented a wide array of Philadelphia-based personal injury clients, many of whom have suffered greatly in the aftermath of slip and fall accidents.

No matter the details of your personal injury case, you can count on the Law Offices of James R. Radmore, P.C. to provide the high-quality representation you deserve.

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